rose at 11:11 (doriangray1312) wrote in future_corpses,
rose at 11:11

A question for you, the incurably morbid...

Is it better to die by your own hand before you become a burden? Say around age 45 or so.

Or is it better to let yourself rot while living?
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Wow. The post of a truly young person. 45? Not so much. Maybe, 75, 80. I know lots of very young people who are older than 45. Some of them are damned sexy. And no, I'm not one of them. I happen to be 17.
And a very appropriate username for that kind of complex to boot.
You can be young and sexy and still be a burden.
What's this obsession with avoidance of being a burden? We can't all be Jane Eyres.
You're only a burden if society actually cares after the ill and infirm, which it does not. So until the CPUSA wins some offices, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
barring accident or disease most of us have a good oppurtunity to be quite healthy and mobile at 45, although we also have many ways to hasten or bodies decay as well
Rot while living, definitely.

The smell alone is worth it.